Linux Tips: Checking Packages Installed & List Packages

Linux Tips: Checking Packages Installed & List Packages

In windows based operating systems , we are provided with the appwiz.cpl (type on run to open Add or remove Programs) to check the list of installed programs on our system, but on the other hand , in linux, when you are most of the time working in Terminal, there’s no GUI definitely (unless you opt-in for X Server).

So in terminal, many times we wish to see the list of installed Packages on the current system,  today I am going to share with you some of the Commands that have helped me in my development environment way too much.


1: Checking if a specific package is installed

For Debian (Ubuntu) Like Linux, we use the following command:

dpkg  -s lampp

The output shall be something like this:

dpkg-query: package ‘lampp’ is currently installed and is of version 1.0.3

If you have the package perl is installed.


For RHEL or CENTOS  or Fedora Linux flavours we can use the `RPM` (Redhat Package Manager).

rpm –qa | grep perl



2: Checking all installed packages

To check all the installed packages on a system run the following commands respectively.

For Debian: dpkg –l

For RHEL flavours: rpm –qa


That’s it folks, if you have any questions let me know!


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